Embryo is now Townsquare, where thought leaders host inspiring virtual gatherings.

At the beginning of 2020, we started working on Embryo, the virtual office for remote teams. We worked hard to try and find product/market fit. During our testing, we tried some rather novel ideas but struggled to find a product that was sufficiently differentiated from the current offerings to provide a 10x improvement to users. As a result, we decided to pivot.

Whilst working on Embryo, we explored the idea of hosting virtual events to market our service. After talking to a number of thought leaders, we discovered they had difficulty monetizing and engaging their audiences in interactive virtual formats, whilst attendees were dissatisfied with the lengthy, verbose, and sloppy nature of their prior virtual event experiences. So, we built a platform for an invite/application only community of respected thought leaders to host short, inspiring, and interactive virtual gatherings.

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To paraphrase Garry Tan, previously of Y Combinator: “You have a finite number of tries, but if you time-box your tries, you’ll try more things, and maximize your chances of success.”